Alex trimming machine can solve them for you one by one.

Trimming thread by scissors,it can’t cut clean enough and has floating,low efficiency in inspection.

Your day of delivery day is coming.How to do?

Are you worried about it’s hard to recruit shear line workers?


Is your trimming process still using scissors ?

Are you still outgoing products to loose thread?

Do you often let all the managers to join cut thread?

Alex cut line machine

For different products,one ALEX thread trimmer is 2-8 times to artificial scissors in production.

According to different fabric,it has special cutter head,length of thread keeps 1mm after trimmed,eliminates scissor damage and provides clean and comfortable working conditions.

Thread suction and trimming into one process,not any float line,increase the rate of inspection.

It’s easy to recruit workers,reduce costs and it can control quality and date of delivery.

Traditional scissors cut line

It needs high labor costs but low efficiency,hard to recruit worker with low wage.

Trimming by hand using scissors is inconsistent,and It is easy to damage fabric and creates loose thread.

by hand using scissors creates loose threads ,need another process to have thread cleaned on the clothes,low efficiency in inspection.

Trimming by hand using scissors increases business expenses to outgoing goods,it also can’t control quality and date of delivery.

效果好,产量高For high efficiency production

You can choose special blades holder &special protect nets for different materials,eliminates scissor damage,trimming area clean enough,not leave loose thread any more.

For different products,one ALEX thread trimmer is 2-8 times to artificial scissors in production.In other words,it can reduce 2-8 workers.

效果好,产量高For high efficiency production

Automatic trimmingloose thread removal operation,the thread trimming process faster than trimming by hand using scissors 100-800%,and the process of inspection faster than trimming by hand using scissor 15-30%.

No needs to rub blades,automatic oiling lubricated blades, using normal sewing lubricating oil without flexible shaft.



经久耐用,效果好Durable,high efficiency

Direct drive,no flexible shaft drive,easy maintenance,reduce the labor intensity,improves production efficiency in cutting thread and inspection.

Blade holder has dual-using:removable type or fixed type,integrated mould,easy maintenance.


Products design modulation,performance maturestablehigh efficiency,without professional maintenance personnel,operator also can handle the problems.

Pick up the blade holder to start working ,lay down the blade holder to stop working.The blade use  high strength steel.Lubricated,the blades sharp enough and durable.


  • Famous brand,Strong Strength

    Famous brand,Strong StrengthWe are strong on R&D,production,sales and training,manufacturing sewing equipment of high-tech enterprises.

  • Specializing in cutting line, industry leader

    Specializing in cutting line, industry leaderAlex thread trimmer keeps thread suction and trimming into one process,a manufacturer that earlier apply direct-drive automatic injection shearing machine technology.

  • Customer Focus,High-sophisticated technology

    Customer Focus,High-sophisticated technologyAccording to client requirements,we are professional R&D,each design scheme must reach many tests,each production link must be strict inspected.

  • Strong after sale, perfect system

    Strong after sale, perfect systemThe warranty of our product is valid for one year in the whole country,60s response customers’ calls,give out the solution one hour,to solve the problem when using product at first time

Strategic PartnersCustomer needs, is the direction of our efforts, thanks to the following customers to Alex's support


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       Zhongshan Alex M&E Technology Co.,LTD is one of the leading high-tech manufactures specialized in sewing equipment in China.We are strong on R&D,design,manufacturing and training,to solve the problems in present situation of hard recruit worker,leave threads,damage products,delivery day can’t ensure,etc.Alex thread trimmer keep the trimming and collecting thread in same pace,one machine can save 2-8 thread cutt……【MORE】

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